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At Viibe, our primary focus is crafting engaging and lively interior spaces that accentuate life’s significant moments. As experts in commercial interior design, our team is known for its expertise and dedication to innovation. We approach each project with tailored precision and insightful understanding, ensuring that our work not only meets but exceeds expectations. Our ethos is deeply embedded in a commitment to collaboration and authenticity, with a core belief in the power of unique partnerships to drive progress. These strengths enable us to venture beyond traditional limits, embracing new and exciting possibilities in the realm of interior design. Our enthusiasm and fervor for what we do are unmistakable, guiding us to continually explore and redefine the boundaries of our craft.

our team

Viibe is bolstered by an incredible team, each member bringing a unique blend of creativity, experience, and dedication to the table. Our collective talent and drive are the cornerstones of our success, inspiring innovative designs that resonate.


Viibe believes that the right space has the power to inspire creativity, encourage productivity, and enhance well-being, which is why we work intentionally to create innovative, functional, and beautiful environments that bring people together.


Viibe is an accomplished and forward-thinking team of professionals, specializing in commercial interior design. We are driven by collaboration, authenticity, and a genuine passion for our craft. Our unwavering commitment to accountability is exemplified through our “9 Points of Culture” framework, ensuring that everyone who encounters our team recognizes the profound impact of interior environments on well-being. We firmly believe in the transformative power of spaces to positively influence individuals and communities.

At the heart of our mission is a strong dedication to fostering unexpected partnerships, recognizing their invaluable role in driving progress. Partners choose Viibe because of our conscientiousness, passion, honesty, and agility. We continuously strive for growth and improvement through education, equipping us with the ability to effectively communicate design concepts to clients, partners, and end users. This mindset empowers us to explore innovative avenues and surpass conventional boundaries, embracing fresh possibilities.

We offer comprehensive interior design services that seamlessly blend tactile and digital approaches, guaranteeing an exceptional experience for our valued clients. Our expertise is sought after by a diverse range of entities throughout North Carolina and the Southeast, including health systems, educational institutions, municipalities, businesses, and the esteemed AEC community. We adapt our role to each unique project, approaching our work with intention and intelligence. Our ultimate objective is to create dynamic and vibrant interior environments that enhance life’s most meaningful moments.


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community engagement

Health education is crucial for well-being, but disparities and distrust persist. To address this, we advocate a holistic approach with equitable access to healthcare, culturally sensitive education, and community engagement. As part of the solution, Viibe actively supports health equity through project work and community involvement alongside local organizations, leaders, and nonprofits. Together, we can foster a healthier future for the communities we serve.


Our pre-design services encompass a thorough evaluation phase, including facility and needs assessments, scope narratives, as-built drawings, space programming adhering to FGI standards, test fits, and asset inventorying. We ensure a comprehensive understanding of the initial project requirements and specifications.

schematic design

During the schematic design phase, we deliver scaled schematic plans that provide an initial visual representation and layout of the project’s design direction.

design development

Our design development services cover a range of essential elements such as design and color concepts, finish and material selections, comprehensive design presentations, detailed visualizations including photorealistic renderings and rendered floor plans, millwork/cabinetry detail drawings, materials budgeting, finish schedules and plans, power/low voltage plans, light fixture specifications, and reflected ceiling plans.

construction documentation

For construction documentation, we create detailed plans and collaborate closely with architectural partners to ensure seamless integration of design concepts into the construction phase.

construction administration

We take charge of project coordination/administration, overseeing construction administration, providing comprehensive finish material maintenance instructions, and ensuring project execution adheres to specified standards.

furniture specification

Our furniture services involve scaled furniture plans, meticulous furniture and furnishings selections, finish and fabric choices, furniture standards packages, budgeting, presentations, specifications, bid documentation facilitation, coded furniture installation plans, procurement services, and meticulous furniture installation management.

artwork and accessories selection

We guide artwork, accessories, and interior landscaping selections, manage associated budgets and specifications, design window treatments, and coordinate interior signage specifications to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal and functionality of the space.

standards development

Our standards development services for finishes and furniture prioritize collaboration with clients, finish material manufacturers, furniture manufacturers, and furniture dealerships. We specialize in crafting customized standards packages through exploratory finish branding meetings, furniture fairs, scorecard assessments, and bidding exercises to ensure top-quality, safe, and high-performance outcomes meet budget expectations.

project & move management

In project and move management, we lead multidisciplinary project teams, manage schedule demands, oversee department moves and phasing, coordinate furniture installation and relocation, and manage the installation of artwork and accessories to ensure a seamless transition and implementation of the designed space.

services we offer

Our diverse team brings a rich tapestry of expertise to every project.

With a shared passion for innovative design, we excel in the challenge of conceptualizing commercial spaces into tangible expressions of a client’s vision.